Month: October 2015


Apple Time Machine: The ultimate backup machine


Having regular backup of Macs is as important as working daily for a living. Because if developers like us loose our data on which we work so hard daily, then its a big mess. I can understand the feeling of loosing data because I have lost 3 X 500GB of data from Seagate hard drives. …


Authy: The best 2 factor Authentication code generation App.

best 2 factor authentication code generation app - authy

The concept of 2 factor authentication was seen on Google websites when Google added the feature on all Google accounts as an optional security measure for logins. So, Google also created an Android App for that for allowing users to scan QR code for a Google account OR add a small code for auto detecting …


Best domain registration provider is

There was a time when I thought that is the best domain provider. But, the worst thing about them at that time was that any DNS changes took almost 3 days for me even when I used to have Google DNS setup on my Windows. The best thing about them was that they always …


And, I always switch back to Skype.


Skype was my favourite App when I used to work on Windows long ago. And, whenever I tried something else at that time, I never got a feeling to use anything else than Skype. Skype is the best after all, it has got everything you need to stay in touch with your clients, friends, staff …


Apple music subscription was so cool until I got bored with it.

Apple Music Subscription

Just wanted to share that today I canceled my Apple Music Subscription. 1. Could not find the latest songs. I am not saying that there are no latest songs. But, there are not all, there are just a few latest songs. 2. It takes time on my slow internet to upload my songs in cloud. …

Blog is much better than


To me, SquareSpace is much better than Shopify for blogging. SquareSpace Admin GUI is so much better and honestly it looks awesome. I feel like writing more and more blog posts while I am on SquareSpace. I have never written Blogs and this is my first ever blog and SquareSpace’s super cool design tempted me …


Do you love jQuery? And, want a similar feature in PHP also to be able to select anything the jQuery way? Welcome to PHPQuery!


Isn’t it very easy to write javascript code using jQuery engine? I am sure that 95% people love it. And, I have heard that 5% people really do not like jQuery and they want to stick to core javascript methods like… var element = document.getElementByName(‘element-name’); But, this is for all those smart people who love …