No library HTML+CSS+JS Confirm Dialog

Made an HTML+CSS+JS (JavaScript) confirm dialog today without using any external library. No jQuery! HTML: CSS: JS: CodePen Preview: See the Pen No library HTML+CSS+JS Confirm Dialog by Animated Creativity (@animatedcreativity) on CodePen. Hope it helps someone!


SimplePromise – A simple javascript promise with approve, reject, cancel & progress features

Needed a cancelable promise for my project. Also, needed to solve multiple resolve & reject problem done by original Promise because I was making a lot of asynchronous requests and gathering all data together. Here is SimplePromise which works same as normal promise and does exactly what I needed, hope it helps someone.


Do you love jQuery? And, want a similar feature in PHP also to be able to select anything the jQuery way? Welcome to PHPQuery!


Isn’t it very easy to write javascript code using jQuery engine? I am sure that 95% people love it. And, I have heard that 5% people really do not like jQuery and they want to stick to core javascript methods like… var element = document.getElementByName(‘element-name’); But, this is for all those smart people who love …