Apple music subscription was so cool until I got bored with it.

Apple Music Subscription

Just wanted to share that today I canceled my Apple Music Subscription.

1. Could not find the latest songs. I am not saying that there are no latest songs. But, there are not all, there are just a few latest songs.

2. It takes time on my slow internet to upload my songs in cloud. Then, it takes time again to download them on other devices. While, by just connecting my iPad to my iMac with cable I can do so much good syncing.


Well, it can be good for people who have cheap internet with fast/unlimited speed.

By the way, I love every Apple product. They are just awesome. Broke my iPad 3 screen as it fell from my hands, but its screen and touch is still working perfectly. Anyways, Apple products should look clean they deserve to look clean, so just got it replaced. 😀

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