Month: April 2023


start-fortnox-sync (from Airtable)

– Was made for internal Use. Starts Pricelist sync to Fortnox on the main shops server. Waits for 30 minutes for each pricelist to finish. NOTE: Add airtableToken & main server authorizationLink to make it work. (async function() {   var localMode = typeof addEventListener === “undefined” && typeof input === “undefined” ? true : false; …


update-currency-rates (Airtable)

Finds pricelists on Airtable on all bases by checking 2 tables: Pricelist & (*). (*) tables contains all the currency rates in this format: (Please note that SEK is master currency) Code. Rate —- —- SEK 1.0000000 USD 0.0972745 AED 0.3572467 AFN 8.4328730 ALL 10.0878786 AMD 37.8046774 ANG 0.1755555 AOA 49.2695078 ARS 20.5039556 AUD 0.1440093 …

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This script will run a simple CORS server for Fortnox API: It will also refresh the API token every 30 minutes and will use it automatically allowing us access to Fortnox API. We do not need to provide Fortnox API token. There should be a token file with client ID & secret with same …