Best domain registration provider is

There was a time when I thought that is the best domain provider. But, the worst thing about them at that time was that any DNS changes took almost 3 days for me even when I used to have Google DNS setup on my Windows. The best thing about them was that they always gave me Free WhoisGuard/Privacy.

But, then I realised that things can be better and so I switched to and I got 1 year extension for all my 5 domains as I transferred. But, everyone knows that their website is SO heavy and they are SO stubborn to not to change their GUI and make a little light weight for the users. So, I started looking for a solution and I found GoDaddy has great domain prices and I really did not want to switch but I had very slow internet access at that time.

So, I had to switch to I bought around 35 more domains on and everything was going great and NameCheap also extended my domain for 1 year at the time of transfer. But, after 1-2 years I got fed up with WhoisGuard emails to renew. What? I have to pay around $3 per WhoisGuard? Are you kidding me? At the time of transfer WhoisGuard was free. Ok, I did not want to switch this time to save my time.

But, soon I found, I have transferred all domains from to and everything is good for now. They update their DNS every 15 minutes and I can live with that. DNS updates took only seconds. But, 15 minutes on are ok for me. And, provide FREE WhoisGuard/Privacy for all their domains. And, their domain prices are unbeatably awesome.

So, I will stick to for now until I find something better.

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