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Helps to renew SSL certificates automatically using certbot. Helps in automatic domain verification too. Also, runs a cron to keep checking SSL renewal automatically at specified time interval.

We need to set reverse proxy for .well-known folder so it can do the verification for us.
For example for openlitespeed go into Virtual Hosts and click a host. Go into External App add the app there with address Then go into context and add URI as /.well-known and select the external app you added.

Should be run with command line arguments.

node certbot-autorenew-cron-v1.js \
server-port=9999 \
server-folder=/mnt/node/letsencrypt \
cron-key= \
cron-interval=86400 \
dry-run=true \

Check also: https://console.ylo.one/

Cron will not run until you specify cron-interval option.
Cron key is for running cron manually for example calling
dry-run is equivalent to certbot’s –dry-run.

Help: Coming soon! 😀

An app bundled by ac-bundle-app, published by ac-bundle-module. namespace: certbot-autorenew-cron

Available Methods: start, startUps, workerStartUps, callbacks, build, cron, parseArgv, console, exit, consoleColors, camelCase, properCase, enhance, publish, server, has


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