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Draggable Advanced Original 3d Globe with Locations Feature – AS3

Draggable Advanced Original 3D Globe-Small


1. You can show any image on the globe you want, as the 3D work is done using action script. The image can be a transparent png image too.

2. Can have as many locations as you want.

3. Locator – You can use this red dot to find the location of a place… to feed into the xml file.

4. Tool tips and information layers for a location.

5. Locations’ color, size, position can be easily changed via xml.

6. Panning and hand cursors to be more user friendly.

Action script and xml file are well commented. It is very easy to use and add locations… Please refer the xml file.

You can control these settings via xml file.

1. mapimage – The image to load on the map… it should not be too big otherwise flash’s BitmapData class will be unable to manipulate it

2. showlocator – Set whether to show the red locator on the globe or not… this is used for dragging and finding the locations on the globe to be fed into the xml file.

A location has following attributes.

1. text – Tooltip text and heading on the information layer

2. x – horizontal position

3. y – vertical position

4. width – width of the location dot

5. height – height of the location dot

6. color – color of the location dot

7. description can be enclosed within the node itself… <location>Description</location>

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