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Alignable Triangles Photo Menu – AS3

Alignable Triangles Photo Menu

This is a nice menu with flying triangles animation, which can show photos with each page you select.

Action script and XML file are well-commented.

Please check comments in the XML file for how to use help.


These settings can be controlled in this XML file…

1. alphaspeed – speed for alpha animations – greater the speed, slower the animation

2. imagecolorstrength – strength for image color effect

3. itembackcolor – background color of an item

4. itembordercolor – border color of an item

5. itemtextcolor – item’s text color

6. itemtextbackcolor – item background color for textbox

7. itemtextsize – item text size

8. itemwidth – item width

9. itemheight – item height

10. itemgap – gap between the items

11. itemtextbottommargin – bottom margin for the text on the item

12. itemloadercolor – preloader color on the item

13. trianglewidth – width of the triangle

14. triangleheight – height of the triangle

15. trianglecolor – trinagle color

16. trianglealpha – transparency for the triangle

17. trianglerandomrotation – triangle random rotation

18. trianglerotationspeed – triangle rotation speed – greater the speed, slower the animation

19. vertical – whether to show the menu vertically or not

20. verticalalign – vertical alignment of the menu – left, center and right

21. horizontalalign – horizontal alignment of the menu – left, center and right

22. leftmargin – left margin

23. rightmargin – right margin

24. topmargin – top margin

25. bottommargin – bottom margin


A button node can be added in the XML file to show each button.

Each button node can have the following attributes…

1. text – text to show on the button

2. image – image to show on left for the button

3. link – link to open when the button is clicked

4. target – target frame or window in which the link should open


An example version is attached with the file which loads SWFs that you assign via XML… please check the themes folder.


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