How to install ZeroTier on Mac OSX?

I love ZeroTier because it has made my life simpler by putting everything on the same private network and now I can access any of my device from my other device. Like I can easily access my iMac from my iPad when I am not at home.

There are apps for iOS & Android already as given on the downloads page:
There is also a MacOSX package installer but that did not work for me. I could not even ping my other machines after installing the package.

So, this is how you do it perfectly without any GUI and it will just work out of the box every time you restart your Mac.

Install Homebrew first:

Then open terminal and run this command:

brew cask install zerotier-one

It will install a zerotier-cli command also.

To join the machine to your ZeroTier network, do:

zerotier-cli join NETWORK_CODE

It will give you a message 200 OK once done.

You can also check the status of your network using Mac OSX’s ifconfig command. It will show you an additional network interface.


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