WordPress Admin was not showing add/deactivate/delete plugin options

A strange thing happened today. I wanted to manage plugins for one of my WordPress websites. But, I could not see any add/deactivate/delete plugin options on the Plugins page. Then I realised that I had WordPress Multi-Sites enabled as I installed it that way earlier. So, only Network Admin can do that. Just go to …


How did I change logo in Ajaira WordPress Theme?

The Ajaira WordPress theme is a nice and simple theme for blogging. I am using the same for publishing this blog too. It is available for free from here: Adding a logo icon before the site title was tricky though as the title will only accept text. So, here is what I had …


How to remove mounted volumes from working docker instances?

There may be other ways to unmount a volume from a working docker instance, but using the way below you can unmount any volume right away. On the docker instance itself, try these commands: df -h You will see a list of all the mounts. overlay         310G  160G  151G  52% / …


SimplePromise – A simple javascript promise with approve, reject, cancel & progress features

Needed a cancelable promise for my project. Also, needed to solve multiple resolve & reject problem done by original Promise because I was making a lot of asynchronous requests and gathering all data together. Here is SimplePromise which works same as normal promise and does exactly what I needed, hope it helps someone.

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Bouncing Words

This is a simple effect to animate your any word. You can use it as an introduction to your movie by just adding a “Skip Intro” button if you want. There are seven attributes you can control from the xml file. If you don’t put them via xml then the defaults given in the action …