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Alignable Triangles Photo Menu – AS3

Alignable Triangles Photo Menu

This is a nice menu with flying triangles animation, which can show photos with each page you select.

Action script and XML file are well-commented.

Please check comments in the XML file for how to use help.


Animations, Flash Animations, FREE

Draggable Advanced Original 3d Globe with Locations Feature – AS3

Draggable Advanced Original 3D Globe-Small


1. You can show any image on the globe you want, as the 3D work is done using action script. The image can be a transparent png image too.

2. Can have as many locations as you want.

3. …

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Free GSAP/GreenSock SplitText Plugin Alernative

See the Pen Free GSAP/GreenSock SplitText Plugin Alernative by Animated Creativity (@animatedcreativity) on CodePen.0

Just did for fun. An alternative GSAP’s SplitText Plugin. You can split either words or characters or both and animate the way you …