Floral Intro

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A cool floral intro for your websites.

XML Settings

GLOBAL SETTINGS – These are the settings which can be applied globally in the settings node.
1. staycount – time (frames) for which any text line should stay
2. introbuttoncolor – color for the “Skip Intro”/”Enter” button

Themeable 2 Level Menu - AS3

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This is an AS3 version of Themeable 2 Level Menu.


I have added auto collapse feature to the file. Please send me an e-mail to get the updated version. Preview… http://rehmat.me/flashmenuas3/autocollapse/

XML Settings

Themeable 2 Level Menu

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This is a 2 Level Menu with a lot of changeable settings in the XML files.

XML Settings

VERY IMPORTANT AND USEFUL : Settings given from 1 to 61, can be used globally in the settings.xml file. These settings will apply to every menu item ans their sub-items until separate settings are not specified with them.

Updated "Elegant Image/Photo Explorer" for mouse wheel scrolling.

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1. Easily editable, just via XML .
2. You can show unlimited number of folders and images.
3. Mouse wheel scrolling is available for zooming in and out.
4. The flow is quite flexible… you can click a different image while one is already loading… while any image description is beng shown… so you do not have to wait or do extra clicks.

Back end for Themeable Multi Level Tree Menu

I have created a back end admin panel using PHP & MySQL for adding/changing/deleting items, for...

Themeable Multi Level Tree Menu


Screen shots:

Update one of my flash files.... "Simple and Elegant XML Music Player" with "Random Song Selection" feature

Please check the new live preview here:

Updated 5 of my files on activeden.

I recently updated 5 of my files on activeden. The changes I have done are huge.
Please check if you have purchased any of the files, to get the updated downloads.

Envato API Application - First Update

Its really fun.

I am creating an application using Adobe AIR and Envato's marketplace API. This is my first update about how far I have gone with this.
Please check the screen shots below to feel about how the application looks.

After the application is completed... I will soon publish the installer for free.

Meanwhile, please help me about how do you want it to be.
Please, please, please, your suggestions are really important because this is your application.

Screen shots:

Flying Pixels Horizontal Menu - AS3

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Add as many buttons as you want.
1. Different logos, flags, numbers or shapes can be put on each button. You can use the pixels to design anything just by xml. Please see examples 3 & 4.
2. Each button can be given a different look and feel.
3. Each button’s pixels can be changed separately.

Gmail Backup

This is a superb GMail Backup Utility made with FLASH+PHP+XML.
I created this for me to take backups of tonnes of my mails at GMail. I do not trust any third party application for taking backups. Today, I thought that it will be good if I could help someone. The script contains no spyware. Trust me. :)

This is very helpful to the users who have slow internet speed.

How to Use: