Themeable Music Disc – AS3

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This is an AS3 version of Themeable Music Disc.

This is a beautiful music player in the form of a disc. You can change a lot of settings of the player in the XML file.

Action script and XML files are well-commented. Everything is properly named in the FLA library.


These settings can be controlled in the XML file…
1. volume – initial volume on the music player
2. speed – speed for animations – greater the speed, slower the animation
3. alphaspeed – speed for alpha effects – greater the speed, slower the animation
4. discradius – radius of the music disc
5. discholeradius – radius of the hole in the disc
6. disccolor – disc color
7. discsideradius – radius for the sides on the disc
8. discholecolor – color for the disc hole
9. soundnodecolor – color of the sound nodes
10. soundnoderandomscale – random scale for the sound nodes
11. itembackcolor – background color of an item
12. itemtextcolor – text color of item
13. itemtextsize – text size of item
14. itemheight – height of the items
15. itemgap – gap between the items
16. itemleftmargin – left margin for the items
17. itemrolloverbackcolor – roll over and selection color for the items
18. itemalpha – amount of transparency for the items on the disc
19. scrollspeed – scrolling speed – greater the speed, slower the animation
20. scrollmargin – margin for scrolling
21. buttonsize – button size
22. buttonforecolor – icon color of the buttons
23. buttonbackcolor – background color of the buttons
24. buttongap – gap between the control buttons on the disc
25. tooltiptextcolor – text color of tooltips
26. tooltipbackcolor – background color of tooltips
27. slidercolor – color of the sliders
28. sliderlinecolor – color of the line on the sliders


A song node has following attributes…
1. text – text show on the item, in the list
2. src – path to the music file that should be played for that item
3. selected – you can set any one item to selected… so that it plays by default, when music player starts

*Images in the preview are purchased from and they are not included in the file you purchase.