Simple Vertical List Box 1 - AS3

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This is an AS3 version of Simple Vertical List Box 1.
A simple list box with lots of functionalities.

Action script and XML files are well-commented. Everything is properly named in the FLA library.


1. Feed as many items you want via xml.
2. Each item can be assigned a thumbnail icon to show on the left.
3. SWFs can also be loaded on the icons, instead of images.
4. The list box’s dimensions can be easily changed.
5. Scrollbar starts working automatically as soon as the items become more than the height.
6. An item’s text becomes multi-line automatically, to fit the available area.
7. Settings can be changed via xml… like… vertical gap between the items, item height, thumbnail height, speed of animation.
8. Thumbnail image width is calculated automatically and the text adjusts accordingly.
9. Pre-loaders are used wherever necessary.

*Images in the preview are purchased from and they are not included in the file you purchase.