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How did I change logo in Ajaira WordPress Theme?

The Ajaira WordPress theme is a nice and simple theme for blogging. I am using the same for publishing this blog too. It is available for free from here: Adding a logo icon before the site title was tricky though as the title will only accept text. So, here is what I had …


How to remove mounted volumes from working docker instances?

There may be other ways to unmount a volume from a working docker instance, but using the way below you can unmount any volume right away. On the docker instance itself, try these commands: df -h You will see a list of all the mounts. overlay         310G  160G  151G  52% / …


SimplePromise – A simple javascript promise with approve, reject, cancel & progress features

Needed a cancelable promise for my project. Also, needed to solve multiple resolve & reject problem done by original Promise because I was making a lot of asynchronous requests and gathering all data together. Here is SimplePromise which works same as normal promise and does exactly what I needed, hope it helps someone.


Slow WordPress website on Docker for Mac?

Dear Diary! Docker for Mac has a know problem with mounted volumes speed. I tested that container’s root volume had almost NO speed compromise vs mounted volume.   You can test speeds using dd for root volume, location can be just /tmp. I tested this on ubuntu:14.04 image. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/output bs=8k count=300k; rm -f …


How to install LAMP on Ubuntu with PHP-FPM

Tested this on a lot of servers already before writing this post. I needed to move from SquareSpace to Vultr VPS, so this post is from that. This is what I am using… Server: Ubuntu 14.04 Memory: 512MB CPU: 1 Core Disk: SSD Cost: $2.5 per month   First we install Apache2 & MySql servers. …


Switched my Blog from to WordPress on Vultr.

switched to wordpress from squarespace is beautiful indeed, but misses a lot of features even today and its much costlier than a small VPS server. So, switched to WordPress and found a beautiful theme for my blog. Vultr server I bought costs just $2.5 per month and I can do a lot more with it than just SquareSpace.


Arq 5 – Best backup solution for Mac users (Encryption, Versioning, Cloud & Compression)

Arq 5 Best backup solution for Mac users

Dear Diary! I have 2 Apple Time Capsules of 3TB each and some external portable USB 3.0 HDD Drives from Western Digital & Seagate. My problem: Always had to find a way to backup all of my disks and Mac boot drives on those 3TB+3TB Capsules. But it was always a mess when choosing to …


Boot problem when installing Mac on portable SSD.

Boot problem when installing Mac on portable SSD

Recently, I thought to upgrade my iMac for better speed using a portable SSD. And, for that bought a Sandisk Extreme 500 SSD (120GB) which gave me excellent speeds of about 400MB/sec while the old internal Mac HDD gave me 80MB/sec at most. It was very easy to make a Time machine backup of my …


Switch to Apple devices if you want to save power and money.


Earlier I used to have ASUS, Intel and other motherboards with other things assembled which I used to buy from local market like SATA Hard Disks, NVIDIA video cards, Corsair Power Supply and so on. But, these assembled machines made my life hell because suddenly anything will heat up and motherboard will go into hanged …